Online Fitness vs Attending the Gym

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Deciding what workout routine is best for you depends on a number of factors including cost, motivation and your own individual personality.

Pros and Cons of Online Fitness

Working out online is a new trend among many people who like to avoid the gym and workout in privacy at home or at the office. According to a 2015 survey by a group of researchers at New York University of School of Medicine, online fitness classes are gaining momentum and popularity.  These online exercises are done simply by downloading a fitness app on your smartphone.


  • Login anywhere.  It is super convenient. All you do is download a fitness video or app of your choice, and with a Wi-Fi connection, you have access to a personal trainer at home or at the gym. You can work out on your own schedule.

  • Working out at home.  Working out at home certainly has its advantages. For some, avoiding the gym scene is a much more delightful experience with complete privacy. No waiting to use the equipment. No dealing with someone trying to “pick” you for a date or working out a schedule with a personal trainer. Home gyms have been popular since the design of exercise equipment that can be used in the home.


  • Lacking motivation. One of the biggest issues for most people when it comes to working out or doing it consistently is motivation. Going to a gym helps motivate some people just by being around others who are either struggling to get in shape or who are in great shape. An online fitness routine makes it that much easier to ignore your exercise time.

  • No one spotting for your technique. Having a human being as a personal trainer or going to an aerobics or exercise class helps to keep us from doing the wrong techniques that can cause physical injury. It helps with warm ups and warm downs, and doing them correctly.

Pros and Cons of Attending a Gym

Going to a gym can be a great idea for some people. Some people are more social than others and enjoy being around people. Gyms are usually for those who are serious about their exercise and want to see results quicker.


  • Everything is in one place.  One of the advantages of going to a gym is the accessibility and variety of equipment. You don’t have to put up your own equipment or try and find space. For some, spending money at a gym is motivation in itself. They don’t want to lose money so if they pay for a gym membership that motivates them to go.

  • Endless variety.  Going to the gym can provide a wide variety of equipment to you. Most people will only have one, maybe two, pieces of exercise equipment in their home. However, a gym will have a wide range of equipment. There are the different kinds of treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, cycles, and weight trainers. Most gyms will have a pool; some will have a track, and will also have some sort of aerobics or fitness class.


  • Cost.  This is no doubt the biggest negative of going to the gym. Why spend money when you don’t have to? You can purchase your own equipment one time and not have to worry about monthly payments. You can run or walk outdoors or in the house at no cost. Some gym memberships come with hidden fees, extra costs, and cancellation fees. You can buy your own equipment at those rates.  

  • Intimidation. Unless you’re an athlete with a great body, or you’re not too out of shape, or you simply don’t care what others think, going to the gym can be quite intimidating for some. The fact that you can’t cover up your body and wear fewer clothes can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It can also be quite embarrassing trying to figure out how to use the equipment.

Whether you choose online fitness or the gym, the good thing is your working out which is healthy for your body. Now all you need to do is be consistent and add in a healthy diet.


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