Sativa or Indica for Parkinson’s

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Around 7 to 10 million individuals worldwide live with Parkinson’s disease (PD). It’s a degenerative condition that tends to worsen over time. Its exact cause isn’t known and medication, unfortunately, doesn’t cure it. But, can marijuana help Parkinson’s? Research is revealing promise that medical cannabis-derived from the two main types of marijuana plants (Indica and Sativa) can be a helpful treatment for PD.

Is There a Marijuana Parkinson’s Study ?

Yes, in fact there’s been more than one studies on Parkinson’s and weed. An anonymous questionnaire taken by 339 patients about marijuana’s improvement in their motor symptoms showed 46 percent of the patients who used the herb noticed symptom improvement. Around 31 percent said cannabis reduced their tremors at rest.

In another study with 47 Parkinson’s patients who used medical cannabis, during a several months period, 82 percent said their symptoms like tremor and stiffness improved as well as their non-motor symptoms like:

  • Mood

  • Sleep

  • Pain

Patients in another study similar to this study reported symptom improvement within a half hour after taking medical weed.

Although PD’s cause is still unknown conclusively, medical marijuana is being researched extensively. Research shows the endocannabinoid system plays a role in tremor relief. And, studies are also showing the herb just may slow the disease’s progression as well.

Does Marijuana Help Parkinson’s ?

The use of cannabis to calm tremors isn’t new. In fact, back in the 19th century, doctors were prescribing PD patients cannabis indica tinctures long before scientists found how dopamine affected motor function. While patients normally used tinctures, they’re now finding smoking marijuana also calms their tremors effectively.

Your endocannabinoid system (ECS) has an impact on your thought processes and bodily functions. It could contribute to the development of Parkinson’s disease. It regulates many body functions like your:

  • Memory

  • Appetite

  • Mobility

  • Sleep

  • Immune system

The cannabinoids in cannabis engage your ECS. As dopamine cells die, it affects your ECS. You have many endocannabinoid receptors in your basal ganglia which is the area of your brain that affects mobility. It’s also implicated in PD.  Most abundant in this area is the CB1 receptor and this receptor is where THC binds in your brain.

One of the most prominent cannabinoids in marijuana is CBD.

Sativa vs Indica Strains

By giving your body a CBD dosage for Parkinson’s, it can affect your life profoundly.  Sativa strains tend to have higher CBD than indica strains.

Revelations about CBD dosage according to studies, include:

  • A 150 mg dose of CBD hemp oil for Parkinson’s continuously measured up over four weeks reduced psychotic symptoms.

  • A 300 mg daily CBD dosage improved quality of life significantly.

  • About 0.5 g of smoked marijuana significantly improved bradykinesia, sleep and tremor.

  • Between 75 to 300 mg of CBD taken orally led to REM-behavior sleep disorder improvement.

Each individual is different, of course, and doctors and patients tailor their cannabis treatment for Parkinson’s (or other conditions)to the specific needs of the patient.

Should You Use Sativa or Indica for Parkinson’s ?

Understanding the difference between indica and sativa strains is important since each produces its own effect. And, when you know the difference you can decide which one will help with the particular Parkinson’s symptoms you’re experiencing.

  • Indica: Indica strains produce a sedative full-body effect. They’re a good choice when you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep or simply relax.

  • Sativa:  Sativa strains produce a more stimulating effect and are good for those who want to feel more physically active, social and creative. It’s better as a daytime medicine.

  • Hybrids: Hybrids are a mix of both Indica and Sativa.

Marijuana Strains for Parkinson’s

Some good cannabis strains for Parkinson’s are:

  • Kobain Kush (Indica)

  • Berkeley (Sativa)

  • U2 Kush (Indica)

  • Dark Blue Dream (Hybrid)

  • Cherry Grapefruit (Hybrid)

Does Cannabis Help Parkinson’s ?

The cannabinoids in medical cannabis may ease some symptoms of PD due to their basal ganglia output nuclei receptor-mediated modulatory action. They’re also potent antioxidants that could help protect neurons from death regardless of whether or not there’s cannabinoid receptor activation. They may even delay or stop brain dopaminergic system progressive degeneration which at the moment has no prevention.

When combined with the current PD treatments, cannabinoids may qualitatively represent a new PD treatment approach, making treatment more effective.

If you’re not keen on inhaling cannabis vapor or smoking the herb, concentrated CBD oil for tremors and other PD symptoms is a good option. Many parents use cannabis oils in pediatric doses for their children. The oils are easily consumed mixed in your food, in capsule form or under your tongue.

Have States Approved Medical Marijuana for Parkinson’s Disease ?

Currently, 12 states have approved Parkinson’s as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis.

These states are:

  1. Connecticut

  2. Florida

  3. Georgia

  4. Illinois

  5. Massachusetts

  6. New Hampshire

  7. New Mexico

  8. New York

  9. Ohio

  10. Pennsylvania

  11. Vermont

  12. West Virginia

The use of medical marijuana for Parkinson’s and other conditions is a growing area of interest — and one that is showing real promise for help and relief. More and more states are approving the use of medical cannabis for qualifying conditions, including Parkinson’s disease.



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